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HCG Savings!

We purchase HCG directly from the manufacturer, no wholesaler is involved.  We pass the savings on to you!

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HcG) Is a hormone present in both men and women.  It has been found to be produced in great amounts in the placenta of pregnant females to aid in the control of vital metabolic functions.  In non-pregnant females and males research suggests that HcG increases metabolism similar to a pregnant female by helping the body release calories stored in fat.

Lose up to a pound a day with HcG. HcG will help you lose the weight and inches to keep it off for good!

* Eliminate Food Cravings
* Reshape Your Body
* Increase Your Energy
* Burn Fat Deposits in All Areas  

  This is the solution for permanent weight loss in pounds and the body re-contouring in inches. Hundreds of thousands of patients have experienced the benefits and the freedom this protocol brings to their lives. Following the program for a minimum of 23 days yields permanent results in most cases by resetting the hypothalamus- the key to your metabolism.

How many pounds can I expect to lose?
Men are averaging 1-3 pounds per day/injection. Women are averaging .5 to 1 pound a day/injection. Keep in mind that you will also be losing inches and this may not reflect accurately on the scale, which is why measurements are taken at the start of the program.


Is it healthy to lose 1-2 pounds a day with these injections?
Weight loss studies have shown that weight loss following this protocol comes directly from abnormal fat tissue deposits rather than lean muscle. During this process the body releases excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients into the blood stream to be absorbed. Many report a feeling and appearance of great vitality and health and marvel at the loss of negative health risks they had as an overweight individual.

Why the 500 Calorie diet- VLCD (Very low calorie diet)?
The injections cause the hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations so that it is available for use. While you are only consuming a 500 calorie diet, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. Because of this, your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day from stored fat. Weight loss medications are not recommended on the program as injections eliminate hunger.

Who is the right candidate for this protocol?
Most people can use this protocol to their benefit. However the medical doctor should make the final decision. Women who are pregnant or nursing are not eligible for this protocol.

What are the safety issues or side effects of HcG shots?
When you weight loss program is done at a qualified medical clinic like ours, it is very safe and there are no side effects.